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Photo: TARUMI Kengo

Made of flour, sugar, egg, and milk — pretty round Okinawan doughnuts would be an adequate definition, I reckon. Despite its tedious name, sātā-andagī is a simple and naive snack; the favorite of Okinawa. They are often homemade but can also be found in confectionary shops or tempura stores at the market. Some blend pumpkin, while others use muscovado: each has its own color and it might be a delight to compare them as well.

By the way, my recent pick is the pumpkin sātā-andagī of KAME ANDAGI1. Tasty.

Editor’s Note:

  1. Sātā-andagī shop in Chatan. Produces new recipes to enjoy sātā-andagī. Formerly known as Kame Tempura.